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Welcome to the Home of Delta Hoodoo!- Memphis, Tennessee- Historically Known as “MOJO CITY”

HandMade Spiritual Supplies

Memphis Conjure creates products that adhere to the sacred path of Hoodoo.

Never forsaking the Legacy, the Lessons & it’s Divine Purpose…

Over 100 Years of Hoodoo! Our craft honors the elders & this is ground-zero for Hoodoo! (Memphis, Tn) also known as MoJo City!

Memphis Conjure proudly serves the spiritual community in so many ways…Events for Community Service, Donation Drives,Teaching Workshops, Community Altar Services, Prayers for Families & Hardships, Gender Issues/Racial & Political Concerns.  We believe the family & community has always been the foundation of our culture & were taught that it truly takes a village to raise its children and create a space for humanity to thrive to its highest calling.  Hoodoo encompasses it all, from your physical well being & health, to emotional & spiritual growth & healing principles… Hoodoo was forged as an ancestral coping mechanism to deal with unthinkable injustices & the common adversary to humanity & peace among the enslaved… We are forever blessed by the strength & will of our beloved ancestors.. 
We are proud to continue the legacy of Hoodoo in honor of their lives & immovable spirit of knowing that one day, we will carry their hopes & dreams forward forever.. In Honor of My Grandmother…

Most of our products are blended according to ancient correspondences for maximum energy…

The elders knew this & how fortunate for us all, they retained the incredible wisdom & secrets of Mother Earth…

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