Moses Oil- Secret “PSALM OIL”- Hoodoo voodoo magic blend


Moses Oil- Secret “PSALM OIL”- Hoodoo voodoo magic blend


Moses Oil- The Holy Grail of Oils in my book…

The most underrated/secret oil in Hoodoo/Rootwork – My grandmother swore by it… “Impossible situations”, just like Moses..”Better communication”, just like Moses & “Superior Outcomes” just like Moses!

It is the equivalent of Holy Oil, and there is a “Secret Psalm” according to my granny on how to “ACTIVATE THIS SECRET OIL” that I will send attached to your bottle when you order.

Used to dress candles, anoint the whole body, and sprinkle on amulets and conjure hands. Prepared oh so carefully. We hope you enjoy using it…

Powerful Oil for Powerful Workings!

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Sold as a curio.
We make NO guarantee of any magical outcomes.
Do NOT Ingest.

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in

15 reviews for Moses Oil- Secret “PSALM OIL”- Hoodoo voodoo magic blend

  1. Island gal (verified owner)

    This is my go-to oil to start with any of my prayers on intentions. I personally wouldn’t use “Moses oil” from anywhere else.

  2. Wnross (verified owner)

    Baaaaby. Ms. Lisa did not come to play with oil. I placed this oil on paperwork of a Huge Debt. $89,000.00. Next thing I know is that the debt is Forgiven/Cancelled/ I don’t have to pay it. Thank God, the Ancestors an definitely Ms. Lisa for her expertise in products that actually work. I would highly recommend this shop. Everything works!!!!!

  3. Jade Estes (verified owner)

    I love this oil. I use it to feed my green mojo bag I bought custom from Lisa.

  4. (verified owner)

    This oil really really really works! I used it for a legal matter and the case was thrown out of court! I used it again to find a better job during this covid-19 and I did! I like this job so much better. It’s not as stressful as my last one. I highly recommend!!!!

  5. Valorie Rice (verified owner)

    This oil is special, I use it for praying. It truly works and brings good energy and blessings. And has a beautiful scent.

  6. Teeauna Woods (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the smell of this. And I so many things began to manifest once I started applying this oil daily. Things were happening so quickly I started apply at least 3 times a day smh to the point I guess I forgot to twist the top back on one day and majority of it spilt. Tried to save as much as I could but it’s time to get another bottle now. Definitely get yourself a bottle.

  7. ladybison (verified owner)

    This oil is the truth. I anointed my head with it for 3 medical appointments and all received the desirable outcome.

  8. Cashew Nut (verified owner)

    I have been using this only sparingly. I feel like it is a serious oil so I have been using it during the really bad tornadoes that have been coming through my area. Whenever I get scared, I dress and light a candle.

  9. Mary D (verified owner)

    I love this oil ! I love how there is a pslam to read and it works !

  10. Denise Williams (verified owner)

    I used this oil on my candles and it adds extra power.

  11. Drea (verified owner)

    This oil has been a huge blessing bless the hand who made it. There has been ways made out of no ways.

  12. Stori Smith (verified owner)


  13. rosemaryruerum (verified owner)

    it hasn’t been utilized for the full intended purpose yet but in an unrelated light, it has aided in giving me the most fulfilling sleep. Coming from an insomniac. It smells dreamy and is a high quality oil. Love it.

  14. rosemaryruerum (verified owner)

    Update: I can say this definitely assisted in a seemingly impossible/ hopeless situation. The change of conditions was in no way a coincidence. It was life altering and a weight off my shoulders after a couple of years of being weighed down. I am beyond grateful for this mystical, anointed oil. Still giving blissful sleep if put on my hands and prayed with before bed. In disbelief at how circumstances changed through using this for less than a month. Buy it. Have FAITH. Stay humble and dedicated. It will happen in the most unexpected way. Perpetual thanks to Ms Lisa and her anointed family tree!

  15. A GIFT FOR YOU (verified owner)

    OKAY! first of all GLORY BE TO THE DIVINE CREATOR HIGH MOTHER AND FATHER! Second, to Ms. Lisa, India, and everybody at Memphis Conjure, I thank you all so much. I could cry. This year has been the most difficult year of my life. I had been blocked in every area of my life and struggled so bad. Continuous pain and torture in every area. I first did a candle altar service consultation with India and she really helped me with a lot. I had Florida water and I did some work at the altar on a situation. Did a floorwash and a spiritual bath and I felt amazing! Recently, i received my Moses oil and Hamsa oil and I’ve been praying with Psalm 23 to open up doors for me. I am not a Christian but I incorporate Christianity as I know the Divine Creator can be channeled through these powerful Psalms! Y’all! A Large financial blessing is on its way confirmed! As I was saying the Psalms 23 with a frankincense incense burning and visualizing my intentions, my new temporary home approved me to stay in another state, and I have a way to get there. So many other blessings have come through in less than a week that I will not name here. When its finalized, ill speak on it! You don’t know how this has helped me so much. Thank you! THANK YOU!

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