Love Oil “9”

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Our “Newest” Love Oil!  Filled with 9 historical roots and herbs for LOVE & PASSION!

Hibiscus, Whole Rose Buds, Vervain, Queen Elizabeth Root (Orris), Meadowsweet and of course our favorite Hyssop and a few secrets…You may wonder, what’s so special about our “Love Oil 9”?   It’s simply the time and energy and spiritual dedication used to make this oil……..As a bonus, I have added a “DOUBLE DOSE” of copulins for (Man Attraction), some call them “pheromones”.. Uh Oh!

Use sparingly, it is potent…A little goes a long way with 10 drops of copulins added… Now you have a Love Potion that has everything added.. Use it properly in good spirits & with good intentions…. Use in any love spells or altar work.  Anoint any item, such as candles etc, with it with visualize your love intentions….Wear it on your wrists and such if you are not allergic and stay sincere at heart…It has a very mild, clean, subtle fruit like scent to mask the copulins and dries into a nice scent.. ( Again it is potent and double-dosed)…. We are hoping you enjoy it. (wink) 

May you find all the love & happiness you truly deserve with a pure heart. Stay in prayer! +++ Amen





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4 reviews for Love Oil “9”

  1. LaReinaDeEspadas (verified owner)

    This is one of my favorites. I use it on my candles and other workings. I feel like this one boosts love work and love energy. It smells very nice and makes men friendlier, more helpful and chatty. I used this in conjunction with the red love drawing oil today and the man who runs the store paid for two of my items.

  2. Alex (verified owner)

    I read the review posted above and decided to use the lovepotion #9 and lovepotion red together, I also had the Angel in my hair and Sugarbaby up in my cleavage. I could not get my man off of me! He kept telling me how he found me beautiful and how he was incredibly attracted to me. These oils are incredible!

  3. Jade Estes (verified owner)

    Straight up the best thing I’ve ever smelled in my entire life . I am forever your customer Lisa I’m so in love with this oil and it’s so true just a little tiny bit Is all u need!

  4. Rosa I Garcia (verified owner)

    This oil does wonders went to see my boyfriend yesterday and he was very handsy with me and boy it intensify our sex . This is a must, I love it, 5 stars
    Definitely stocking up more on this, thank you Memphis Conjure ❤

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