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Come To Me Oil- A traditional oil for general love spells. Our Version is subtle and alluring, irresistible.

A very powerful attraction recipe used for when you desire the affections of someone in particular.
To stir strong sensual responses. “Use Carefully” is our only warning.

This oil has an old history and the sourced ingredients are chosen at the right hour on the right day & are for compelling a person to do your bidding..or “COME TO ME”…..
Blended @ the right time under optimal conditions & of course ritually charged with the right intent.
You have been warned…

This oil has many formulas, primarily from NEW AGE practitioners..

Our formula can be traced to 1955-(Bernice Harris)my granny.
Rose otto-trace
Our secret middle note-cant reveal
Bottom note- Cant reveal

Considered an extremely intoxicating blend’
We have witnessed the smell change hourly on some users. It blooms on some users.(we dont know why)

Old Lore has it, if a man whiffs it just once, he subliminally thinks of a woman in a forbidding manner.. A very powerful seductive blend said to force a person to desire you sexually and he will never know why…Some have said to have placed this blend on a mans clothes and on his under shirts and he thinks of his intended all day. Be careful, (we still dont know why this oil seems to weaken some men) Feed him Licorice products or something with licorice/vanilla- while using this blend…He may not be able to resist you…(wink)

I’m selling it as a curio
Cautions: Avoid use during pregnancy.
Do NOT Ingest.

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in

5 reviews for Come To Me Oil hoodoo voodoo pagan

  1. egweb (verified owner)

    I received my oil a few weeks ago and I am in love with the smell and the results I get from it are wonderful πŸ™‚ Its a very subtle scent that lingers long after applying. The dropper makes it super easy to apply and also control how much goes on your body. This is one oil I’ll purchase again, even if its just for myself because it smells divine!

  2. Mkbass83 (verified owner)

    Love this oil. I’ve noticed that men give me a second look when I use it, but it could be because it smells so pretty. πŸ™‚

    Fast shipping and it came packaged in a cute little bag. Hoping for good results soon!

  3. rhonda2019 (verified owner)

    Always get nice results with this oil. So feminine and alluring. You just want to know more about the person wearing it.

  4. Island gal (verified owner)

    One of the first oils I purchased from Memphis Conjure and the effects of this oil is why I don’t purchase annointment/alter oils elsewhere if she caries it here. The scent is very unique, both sweet and alluring when worn, yet strong in energy when used in alter work.

  5. Alexis (verified owner)

    Very Inviting, does what it says.

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