“Sugar Baby”-Pheromone Blend


“Sugar Baby”-Pheromone Blend


Our “Sugar Baby” blend is intended to evoke feelings of deep sensual concern, protection, caring & deep bonding.

Now that you have met the man of your dreams, your goal now, is to allow him to take care of you.  What a better way, than to create an aura of

sensual bonding between the two of you. A  man who wants and needs someone to care for. Used with the right intentions and appropriate use, hopefully this blend can assist you when worn around the man of your dreams.  If he is in the that frame of mind & “ready” to take care of someone, this is definitely for you…. Wear “Sugar Baby” around the man/men who you would like to attract to support your endeavors in the long term.  Hopefully he gets a good whiff and experiences the pheromone effects and decides to take care of his  new “Sugar Baby” (wink)

It comes in a 10ml roller ball with a pink cap in an oil base.. We prefer oil as it clings to the skin and acts better on warm skin vs alcohol which evaporates too quickly. Shake your bottle and apply lightly, from the center of the breast area, down to the belly button, also apply lightly to the inner areas of each elbow, down to the wrist area…Give your pheromones a few moments to absorb/dry down into the skin before dressing.  Some may also wish to add another scent on top. Test your pheromone to determine the sweet spot before daily or regular use.

Always Test for Allergies & Do Not Use while pregnant.   

We make no “guarantees” to the effectiveness of any pheromone based blend sold on our site.   All products do not work the same for everyone, we can’t explain why but we sincerely hope they work in your favor. Test your pheromones for the sweet spot and apply as instructed. You may notice that you need more or less than the suggested amount as everyone’s skin is different…  Test until you know how much and how often you should apply.



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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 2 in

8 reviews for “Sugar Baby”-Pheromone Blend

  1. Christy (verified owner)

    I love this espclly on days I know I’m spending all day w my love. So much TLC and sweetness…not only received but it brings it out of me too. The reciprocation is unreal. <3

  2. Lovelybliss05@yahoo.com (verified owner)

    Love the smell of this😍….Kinda smell like Egyptian musk!!!! I will be ordering Sintress soon

  3. Queentee (verified owner)

    This stuff is AMAZING! The first day I decided to wear it all types of people were extra nice to me and very caring towards me, I was pleasantly surprised. Can’t wait to see how the Sinstress works for me!

  4. Alexis (verified owner)

    This makes my guy Xtra cuddly and loving. I recommend.

  5. Selena Kennon (verified owner)

    I love this scent! Lets just say I always seem to get extra money from my guy when I wear this!

  6. EpiphanyKAntoinie (verified owner)

    I purchased this one first because I wanted a scent that would help me be in the energy of Positively Receiving compliments, help, etc. It smells beautiful, real old fashioned too like iris sorta- kinda. I keep the roller in my wallet, right where my credit cards and paper money resides. My experiences have been alot smoother at stores, being out ppl are more pleasant and peaceful ( I am big on manners and politeness, as I was raised southern style). The scent doesn’t last long, but that is ok because my intentions are what counts. Will be purchasing more in the future, thank you for these roller-scents! Love to you Miss Lisa for excellent products!

  7. tkayluvstkay@gmail.com (verified owner)

    I got this product a year ago, and I’ve kept up with it because it’s my go to whenever I have doctor appointments or want a smooth day at work. I will say that when I’ve used it, people have been way more accommodating towards me and overall have more patience. I had to buy more before my other roller could run out!

  8. MellyMels (verified owner)

    My 1st time ordering. Mrs. Lisa was very kind and full of knowledge. She was patience and answered all my questions. I received my order in a timely manner.

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