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-Cleo May Oil-

A popular oil for the girl who “Knows What She Wants”….

Is this the oil for you?
Are you ready to enchant? To loosen hubby’s purse strings? Cleo May Oil may be just what you need…

Used for Love/Attraction Hoodoo Ritual workings, this oil has a light scent for daily use. Apply sparingly, sprinkle it about your man’s pillow, neckties, wallet, etc…

Anoint your candles, Sprinkle a bit about on a date.. This oil is again, for the girl who “Knows What She Wants”…

Contains a secret attraction ingredient.

Order yours today. Fast shipping.
Sold as a curio.
We make NO guarantee of any magical outcomes.
Cautions: Avoid use during pregnancy.
Do NOT Ingest.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in

9 reviews for Cleo May Oil hoodoo voodoo conjure

  1. Alex (verified owner)

    I had Cleo May and Jezebel on last night together, my man was extra generous $$$ and agreed to help me by investing in my work project and I did notice people in general seemed to go WAY out of their way for me.

  2. (verified owner)

    Cleo May works like a charm. Men find me totally irresistible when I wear this, and it attracts the “right people” to you. Literally men worship the grounds I walk on with this oil, I become powerful in a good way and a goddess. I’m naturally already like this but this oil takes my spirit and charm to another level. It opens doors and brings generosity. Highly recommend for the girl that knows what she’s wants :). Ms Lisa is simply the BEST.

  3. Amber Calvin (verified owner)

    Tonight I randomly picked up the oil and I said I wanted my current bf or sugar daddy whatever he call hisself 🙄 been real cheap and not Been giving me money . So I stated I wanted him to give me money . We go to Walmart and I overdrafted my account 2 dollars . I told him he cashed app me 10 bucks immediately and he only had 30 in his account 😂😂😂🤏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 It’s small but that shows u it definitely works . Now I’m about to play with the oil I’m happy … thank u soooooooo much . Your the best !!!!!

  4. Jazmine Argusta (verified owner)

    The Cleo May oil works like a gem and I’ve only used it twice so far. The two times that I’ve worn it so far has enabled people to be helpful and courteous towards me. I also state my intentions, as it strengthens the usage in my opinion. So, if you want people to be more helpful and gracious towards you definitely get Cleo May Oil and shine through!

  5. Stephanie Fujihashi (verified owner)

    Purchased via Etsy. I felt so much love from the package alone but when I applied this oil on my pulse points… my goodness I felt so anointed and a softness I can only describe as feminine… ended up having some of the best sex of my life after washing and braiding my hair with this oil (mind you the day it arrived), but I wasn’t really looking for all of that, it was most definitely an added bonus though. As always, thank you Ms Lisa for all that you do <3

  6. blewstar (verified owner)

    This is a top 3 oil for me from Memphis Conjure 🌟. It connects me to a powerful ancestral DNA strand that helps me remember my worth and if I want something, I get it one way or another 🌹

  7. Kim Hughed (verified owner)

    I really love all the condisioning oils that I have ordered I made 3 orders so far and I’m finally getting more knowledgeable and powerful in my solitary witchery. I love the company and ma Lisa is most definitely the bonus. She is always quick to respond and very magnetically personal and professional. Thank you so very I’m not worthy. Lol💜💜💜

  8. 1Timothy (verified owner)

    I love Cleo May. It smells amazing. I love using Cleo May, because it allows me to get my way( in a way where I am able to protect my well-being. I have used this with doctor’s to get my way (in my case these doctors love to recommend treatments that are harmful and make your condition worse: example my gallbladder and stomach issues. I literally had these same doctors write on their report that I do not need futher treatment and that they don’t know how to help me. The good thing about this is that most of the illnesses I have encountered , I would continue to pray to find the right medicine to cure. I usually find the right treatment for myself and I am guided to the right over the counter medicine that provides me healing. In this case, I was guided to use Align probiotics, IB gard peppermint pills, rife frequencies, and chakra frequency sounds: solar plexus, root chakra.

  9. Stori Smith (verified owner)

    When I tell you this oil is amazing. Buy it you will not be disappointed.

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