In-House Altar Candle Service


In-House Altar Candle Service


We have a working altar for our customers for emergency candlelight services.
 All candles are cleansed and dressed and lit per your instructions.. Your candle may take 3-7 days to complete and your burn and interpretation will be emailed to you when complete. Memphis Conjure makes no guarantee of results outcome but we will pray diligently and forcefully regarding your emergency…
We do not pray for the following requests;
Requests to interfere with a married man/woman and his/her wife/husband,
Requests regarding your jealousy of another or against those who have caused you no harm…

Send your details to consider the matter, once your payment is complete we will set your candle up  to begin for you and our interpretation of the burn will be emailed to you when complete…

Sold as a curio.
We make NO guarantee of any outcomes.

2 reviews for In-House Altar Candle Service

  1. Sahar Jackson (verified owner)

    I recently ordered candle services for assistance with a legal and financial situation regarding a stubborn and non-communicative landlord. I reached out to Memphis Conjure for help because my landlord was expecting a high “early lease termination” payout despite my needing to leave for environmental issues that started impacting my health. Eventually, I needed to stay with my family and move out of my home within two months of moving in. Ms. Lisa and her lovely team placed a candle on their altar on my behalf on the new moon. Less than 24hrs later (maybe within an hour and very late at night), my landlord reached out to me, agreeing to refund all my rent (a shock!), without issue or condition. This has been an incredibly stressful situation, but I am so grateful for Memphis Conjure and their help and kindness. Now I feel I can move onward and upward and have a fresh start — much sooner than anticipated! Thank you :o)

  2. A GIFT FOR YOU (verified owner)

    I recently got a in-house candle service work done for a justice candle. they were able to read accurately into my situation. im sure more work would be needed because of complex injustices that I’m facing but I was very pleased to talk with them about the results of my candle and they gave me great suggestions and hoodoo education on what i needed to do further to grant more success in this work needed. I am so thankful to memphis conjure and i will definitely be supporting them and referring them to others. they care about the work that they are doing and the people. i deeply appreciate it and i am thankful.

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