Honey Jar Spells- New School Vs OLD School

Show Me The Money- Honey Jar

Once upon a time when jar spells were done for hoodoo, trust me, HONEY WAS NOT USED. My granny’s granny had no access to such an expensive item and I can confirm that Karo syrup and molasses were the ingredients in the sweetening spell. In the “souring spell”, Vinegar was used..
Along with the sweet karo or molasses in the jar, some of the following items were added. Ground Chicken Bones, Rags or a piece of clothing or hair, Pretty stones, Cane Sugar, Wild Mint, Orris Powder and Cinquefoil ( Five Finger Grass) Red Clover and Catnip and about 10 other herbs.. Also was added was a lil piece of paper, if they could write with a request on it…So please know that back in the day, honey was not a traditional luxury for the rootworker. Granny would shake that jar and talk to it all sweet like and set it on her altar and next thing you know, one of my aunts or somebody was getting married, (wink) or getting her yard cut, or getting her car fixed… Please understand that the “new age” honey jar we sell now was not the norm, tell you the truth, the clover honey I use can cost a grip, unless I shop for it.. But it is the intention and the true spirit of the spell that matters and i charge each one of my jars on my altar for days before I release it.. I love a NEW MOON to do my jars for customers… Thanks for dropping by and if anyone tells you honey is an old spell, WE KNOW BETTER…



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