Attn- Neo Pagan Spiritualists

Traditional Delta hoodoo practitioners, as a norm,”DO NOT WORK WITH SAINTS”,  as a requirement, it is a CHOICE!    Many are led to believe they are a required …

Many of the neo-pagan spiritualists somehow suggest this is the norm, it is not. I have practiced southern hoodoo all my life &  I have never met anyone who insists on using a Saint as a requirement,  it is what they may feel comfortable doing or how they were trained…  Please stop pushing nonsense….. It is disrespectful of the African Slaves who were not even allowed to have a religion of their own, and somehow saints are old fashioned..Give us a break.

Maybe in New Orleans hoodoo,  this is more the norm, but not in the middle south…. There are no Loas, Lwa/ Saints or required figureheads, just Jesus, The Creator & lots of Moses references! .  .The ancestors are speaking…. Time to correct the nonsense once and for all…

Time to stop bastardizing and re-writing the slave traditions of worship to fit into your own neat lil boxes..   It is what it is.. If you don’t know or met anyone who knows, say so… Its better to not make it up on the fly.

Thanks Lisa Kay



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