Respect for AA Rootworkers and Hoodoo Practitioners!

Well the time has finally come, the root workers and hoodoo practitioners who’ve learned this sacred craft from their parents & handed down for decades from past ancestors, who are direct descendants of slaves, are ready to announce that the “blending of neo pagan religions/wiccan deities” with African American style Hoodoo is just plain unacceptable!  A new site seeks to organize the descendants of AA hoodoo workers & root workers, to dispel the injections of Wicca and other neo religions into traditionally practiced hoodoo.

The NAARD, , or National Association of African American Root Workers & Descendants, seeks to bring to the forefront the “bastardized” and fake “commercialization” of Southern / Delta style hoodoo..  The membership is free and intends to bring together those who wish to see the practice respected and not pillared by gimmickry and quackery….. Its a long shot, but the intent is honorable..They may be privately financed by a former Owner/CEO of a large recruiting agency.

If you support these efforts, I suggest you visit, sign up and enjoy the benefits of a membership… It’s a long time coming.. I say “finally”.. Our AA ancestors have spoken… We will/must answer the call… The neo practitioner will never know what a slave descendant or AA had/has to endure for simple survival.. That’s why NAARD and those who were taught the old way, insist that those newbies offer well earned respect to the struggle and hardships of the AA slavery legacy, who for years suffered under a slave masters hand and whip or even worse the noose of a mob….. They demand “RESPECT” for the craft and Hoodoo, in a less gimmicky form…. Surely they understand its true meaning and purpose better than any newbie wanna-be ever could…….. Like I say, this is long overdue;  Wishing them all the best !..


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