Hello everyone and thanks for dropping by!

If you are curious about me, I’ll keep it simple…
Born in Memphis, raised in Memphis, happily married, 58 yrs young, born under the Cancer sun, with a veil over my eyes, in the back seat of my great uncles’ car…in my granny’s lap.
My grandma peeled it off and the hospital had me in isolation, I was considered a dirty baby, because back then, they would put a baby born outside the hospital, assisted by a midwife in isolation…

My hubby and I own 2 businesses and  I believe in my work..

For me I learned about our “Delta Hoodoo” at the knees of those who knew it best…
At least 6 generations that I know of… My great granny ” Alice” was a
root-worker , my granny (Big Mama) was a spiritualist and knew secret things…
My mom passed at aged 71 & knew secret things..
I am blessed to have learned all I can….

My granny worked on Beale street in the 40’s/50’s when hoodoo was nearly illegal but a booming business in Memphis, and my mom was born on Beale street, “now how cool is that”!.

(got her birth certificate to prove it)

Today’s many youngsters didn’t know that there where homes and apartments on the west end of Beale street.

I am so proud and respectful of the legacy….

A legacy of their perseverance, endurance, strength and pride even in the worst
of times of racial suppression and terror……
I was taught that hoodoo was/is the physical coping mechanism of the religious slave or (illiterate slave) against a segregated and fearful Jim Crow society, taught by those who “could” read to those who couldn’t read & made them promise to never forget what they’ve been taught”……
Sadly it still is!

Thanks for reading my little intro, I do hope you come and check out our site from time to time and keep up with us on-line…




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