Lots of Confusion on the use of Chicken Feet?

The chicken foot, used in spiritual work is varied….. I have witnessed arguments about how, who & when it should be used…… While I can respect everyone’s opinion, the problem begins when someone decides to not respect mine…                                    So here goes;
In traditional Hoodoo it is commonly used for “protection” from enemies, theft & bad situations.
Some may be comfortable using it in ritual work for hexing or sending evil someone’s way…I am not.. My grandmother would kill chickens by wringing their necks, this was considered dinner and as the saying goes, waste not want not… All the parts of a chicken are used even the beaks…. She would cure the feet in rock salt for months & later on tie feathers and beads to them.
I have never seen her “paint” them as some do now, her’s were plain and simple..After they are cured and decorated, she places them on her altar and says several psalms over them, she silently meditates and burns candles for a few days at odd times… She told us that within a few days after they are “Fixed” she can hand them to whom she made it for with  instructions on how to use it, how to take care of it & why you should never lose it.. They were considered special.  The psalms she prayed were (7; 27; 31; 34; & 52) for 3 days using “white cross candles”, I do believe she personally preferred these type candles because of the shape, however she would use any white candles..
So for all those who believe they are correct in the use of the chicken foot, irregardless of other’s opinions, guess what? Other opinions DO matter.  My grandmother and mother practiced hoodoo and I practice it based on their training from the last 108 yrs,  my great granny practiced it too….I practice hoodoo as a norm, not as a cute trend or adornment, and this is how we used this traditional charm…. Sometimes people get caught up in the decorations of the craft, and forget the original purpose and history..  I “Respect” the beauty and meaning of Hoodoo, I know my ancestors will bless me for it… They Still Speak…. God Bless..


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