Hijacked Conjure & Hoodoo….

I was born in the south, Memphis Tn, and lots of the psychics and faux rootworkers I have seen online are seriously bastardizing the craft… They even merge it with other wacky belief systems & call it Hoodoo, and have the audacity to act as if they have the right to do so.. Real Hoodoo rootworkers, are usually informally taught… The online peddlers have unfortunately left out the element of real root work and Hoodoo, they have removed the “spirituality” and have decided to use structured ways, books and even worse, wicca/witchcraft to call it Hoodoo, OMG!!  Stop It!… Learn real hoodoo, and stop stealing… Hoodoo is truly a merging of every folk system, but dam, lets keep it close to its origins… and not interject other nonsense… My African ancestors, have bled, died, were beaten, raped and were hanged, no faux practitioner will ever understand our connection to this level of suffering and spiritual respect… (Some hate to see the word AA, when it comes to hoodoo for some reason, and get really irritated..Weird huh?)  Leave this craft where it is, no need to come and claim it as yours alone and misinform the masses, only a person like myself who actually learned the elements of Hoodoo from my grandmom, mom and aunts from at least the last 102 year, can explain it… No website psychic/experimenter  is believable to me… I was born with a veil over my face, I know real hoodoo when I see it…..
Lisa Kay.

Lisa Jones


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