Triple High John Oil


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We only use "authentic herbs & roots" along with our prayers for every item we make.


   A true blend for added power in all of your altar or candle workings.. This Triple High John oil actually has four historical elements & the emphasis is on the “John” named roots and herbs….
Authentic Triple John in our opinion is High John Root ( Common High John), Chewing John (GALANGAL) origins from Asia, & St. Johns wort harvested on June 24th ( HIS HOLY DAY)  its the way my ancestry says it should be made… Some vendors use ( DIXIE JOHN or a root called SOUTHERN JOHN )& It has many, many names and is actually a plant not common to the Delta until recently  and may be from CANADA and the most eastern parts of the USA, not that its not correct to use, I don’t think many had historical access to it so easily…. Anyhoo, here is our blend and we consider it to be as correct as possible…. 
Use for luck, love, drawing power, court matters, money matters etc.. Just as powerful as our VAN VAN All purpose mix….

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Weight 2 oz
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