The Hot Girl Summer Kit


The Hot Girl Summer Kit



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It’s not just a kit. It’s a summer revolution. Unleash your fiercest summer yet with our Hot Girl Summer Kit. Inspired by the iconic phrase coined by rapper Megan Thee Stallion, this kit isn’t just about fun and sun—it’s about embodying your power with intention, taking care of yourself, and making mindful connections this season.

For those who set trends, not follow them, this kit is your jumpstart to an unforgettable summer. Ignite potential romances, boost your confidence, and foster meaningful connections, all while expressing your unique style unapologetically.

Kit Includes:

  • Beautiful Me Oil: This isn’t just oil, it’s your secret weapon. Boost your glow and turn heads. Get ready to own your beauty and strut your stuff this summer like never before.
  • BAE Oil: Sparks flying, hearts racing—you know the feeling. Dial up the passion with our ‘BAE’ blend. Infuse your summer with the sweet, heart-fluttering thrill of falling in love.
  • Sugar Baby Pheromone: Step into a world of deeper connections. Our ‘Sugar Baby’ blend creates protective, caring energy. It’s not just about getting attention, it’s about getting the right kind of attention.
  • Come to Me Spray: Powerful and irresistible. Attract them, then leave them wanting more. Spritz this on to stir up strong desires and attract the right people your way.
  • Love Spell Bath Salt: Bath time becomes magic time. With our Love Spell Bath Salt, you’re not just taking a bath, you’re creating a love potion that paves the way for a summer full of passion and unforgettable moments.

Answer the call of summer. Be loud. Be proud. Be bold. Embrace your fiercest summer with the Hot Girl Summer Kit.

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  1. TNyGo (verified owner)

    Thank you, Ms. Lisa! I smell amazing, and this is just what I needed to get back to myself pre-babies!! The kit really is a great value!

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