Money Gripper Ritual Kit


Money Gripper Ritual Kit


-Money Gripper Candle-

Are you trying to bring in wealth and abundance into your life? Or ensure a strong grip on the abundance you already have? This candle will be perfect for you…

Dressed with herbs such as Hyssop and Cinquefoil for bringing in that money! Packed with the power of hoodoo to release the energy of positive cash flow from your altar and into your pocket.

This kit comes with an anointing oil vial and bath salts for you to complete your Money ritual according to your tradition…

Keep this candle on hand and protect your finances and cash flow.

All of our fixed candles are ready to go. They are dressed with the proper herbs and natural ingredients added, we also send free oils to dress your candle….All candles are
cleansed & blessed before shipping, however you may perform this ritual on your own according to your tradition…

Tip: Use psalms 96-97 & 108 & 114 while at the altar

Order yours today. Fast shipping.
Sold as a curio.
We make NO guarantee of any magical outcomes.
Do NOT Ingest.

Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 4 in


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