Spillin Tea-Pheromone Blend


Spillin Tea-Pheromone Blend


“Spillin Tea” can be used to help create a friendly, chatty, welcoming & trusting atmosphere”  around you.. Designed as an “icebreaker” as well and can be used in the work environment..  A social blend to help create feelings of trust and overall friendly vibes from others. When people feel they can trust you, they engage better.   At work this could mean a heads-up on the office news and upcoming events or more tips…   At play, it could mean the opportunity to forge a more “meaningful conversation” in a social setting, with the competition wondering, “WHAT MAKES YOU SO SPECIAL?”  Stand out from the crowd and get closer to the key players around you, get the conversation going and form those much needed bonds with the right people….Strike up a conversation and create a trusting, lasting (valuable) relationship you may need in the future and “Spill the Tea” with movers and shakers……  It is certainly worth a try with this formula…..

It comes in a 10ml roller ball with a pink cap in an oil base.. We prefer oil as it clings to the skin and acts better on warm skin vs alcohol which evaporates too quickly. Apply Lightly from the chest area to the belly button and in the warm areas of your elbows and wrists to. Test your pheromone to determine the sweet spot before daily or regular use.

Always Test for Allergies & Do Not Use while pregnant.   

We make no “guarantees” to the effectiveness of any blend sold on our site.   All products do not work the same for everyone, we can’t explain why but we sincerely hope they work in your favor. Test your pheromones for the sweet spot and apply as instructed. You may notice that you need more or less than the suggested amount as everyone’s skin is different…  Test until you know how much and how often you should apply.


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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 2 in

2 reviews for Spillin Tea-Pheromone Blend

  1. Mars (verified owner)

    Spilling Tea works! Used it at work to make it a friendlier environment & must say it drew people to me. I received many smiles and Hello’s from people who usually never even acknowledge my presence

  2. Brianna Wood (verified owner)

    I’ve used this for only two days. And lord when I tell you people won’t shut UP! I bought this because I am a service worker, so chatting with clients is part of my job. Even my quietest of clients are just chattering away!! It’s almost funny to see. My coworkers come in and I kid you not within 30 seconds they are just pouring out their life story to me. It’s bizarre and funny to see. People go out of their way just to talk to me. Everyone walks away feeling very close. The tips have been bigger too! Very very beneficial oil. Effective to the max. 10/10 but do not wear on a day that you need a break from people lol

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