Secret Obsession- Pheromone Blend


Secret Obsession- Pheromone Blend


Our Newest Pheromone!  “Secret Obsession”

This new pheromone was tested this summer in 30 cities by 30 of our own customers!   We appreciate the participation and the results are in!

This blend is a custom blend for Memphis Conjure by LPMP & includes the pheromone “Like A Magnet”

Blended to attract deep, deep feelings of attraction & also a mood enhancer. “Secret Obsessions” contains Alpha-Androstenol  & Copulins and is very lightly scented.

You may use this blend “lightly” to find your sweet spot and use a soft cover scent.. We recommend using in warm spots and up high above the waist, but below neck… Allow to dry…. We do hope you enjoy our latest offering from Memphis Conjure!


Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in

4 reviews for Secret Obsession- Pheromone Blend

  1. Island gal (verified owner)

    I received mine just in time for an annual ball that I’m usually stressed about attending because it’s formal. This worked amazing for me. It not only uplifts the mood of ppl I was talking to but my mood was high all night too. I wasn’t stressed about anything. I was even running late where I normally would’ve been on edge bc im in charge of entry, but for some reason I was really so unbothered. And crazy thing was everyone was unbothered too. Lol they were all happy to see me. It was weird feeling that couple of ppl who rarely talk to me waited nearby, until I was done talking to someone, jus to talk to me too. Never happened before wearing this pheromone this night! And this does not disappoint during intimacy. In my experience..there’s no quickies, it’s very passionate when I use this.

  2. Isabella Jimenez (verified owner)

    This is straight up amazing! I wore it to work for a couple of days and my customers were definitely more comfortable being chatty with me, and interacting happily. I had several people comment about how sweet I was, which led to more tips than normal!!
    I wore it out to the store and to dinner after, everyone seemed incredibly upbeat and polite to me. Also it smells really amazing, very soft scent. Almost like a dessert, but without any of that “too sweet” aspect. Easily covered with other perfumes if you want, but honestly a yummy scent alone.
    If you want to make more tips, I’d highly recommend this!!

  3. (verified owner)

    The Secret Obsession works well, but I will warn you that if you don’t like people in your business, be very cautious because people will be around and inquisitive about you.. It’s perfect for social settings and meeting new people. My neighbors are constantly talking to me when I’m trying to get to destinations, but I enjoy meaningful conversations.

  4. Emily Webster (verified owner)

    When I say this works. I have been asked to travel outside the country , hit on left and right , compliments everywhere I go and lastly a surge of admirers… this oil is the sho nuff truth . I was so impressed I purchased more items from this shop. This really works but please don’t put too much on .

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