Cheerful Cherry Pheromone Blend


Cheerful Cherry Pheromone Blend


Our blend “Cheerful Cherry” is specially designed for tender and comfortable” vibes.. When worn, others may think “You Are A Keeper”! or want to know more about you..  It has a demure,upbeat vibe, keeping you & those close to you in a cheerful upbeat mood. vs a dull night out.. Our blend comes lightly scented, with the MEMPHIS CONJURE   “Cherry Scent”.

It comes in a 10ml roller ball with a pink cap in an oil base.. We prefer oil as it clings to the skin and acts better on warm skin vs alcohol which evaporates too quickly.  Shake your bottle and apply lightly, from the center of the breast area, down to the belly button, also apply lightly to the inner areas of each elbow, down to the wrist area…Give your pheromones a few moments to absorb/dry down into the skin before dressing.  Some may also wish to add another scent on top. Test your pheromone to determine the sweet spot before daily or regular use.

Always Test for Allergies & Do Not Use while pregnant.   

We make no “guarantees” to the effectiveness of any blend sold on our site.   All products do not work the same for everyone, we can’t explain why but we sincerely hope they work in your favor. Test your pheromones for the sweet spot and apply as instructed. You may notice that you need more or less than the suggested amount as everyone’s skin is different…  Test until you know how much and how often you should apply.


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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 2 in

2 reviews for Cheerful Cherry Pheromone Blend

  1. dani (verified owner)

    This one gets people talking and keeps me and those around me in a good mood. Great blend for social situations and has a strong cherry scent, which quickly fades. Definitely recommend if you even need a boost of energy and vivaciousness.

  2. Cait (verified owner)

    It seems to make me pretty happy without going overboard (I’m not at all manic, I mean.) It’s definitely very helpful to have around and the mild cherry scent is great.

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