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The Legendary “Voodoo Doll”or Poppet or Doll Baby! There are so many spiritual purposes and ways to use a doll, we can’t name them all.. Many find them useful for channeling energy and focusing attention/intention… Helpful to allow you to manifest your goals….The spiritual use of a doll is standard for many, but  it is “Not a Hoodoo Traditional Item”, but a very, very useful tool!…..

Care for it properly and focus carefully on its intent, as this is a “Custom Made” item and should be done “right” the first time, leaving nothing to chance…. You may be required to send a hair or nail or fabric or certain type of item if you wish to “add to the doll” so be sure this is what you want… All dolls are constructed on Tuesday or Friday under a New Moon or Full Moon…. The sooner you order, the quicker we can start your custom doll… Please Note,  All dolls are not the same-nor do they look the same, it is spiritually made and formed at an altar, not a massed-produced foreign object………This item takes up to a week or more construct…..please be patient as we will have to leave it on the altar for a few days….

This item is made for 4 conditions only;

Healing * Love * Luck/Financial * Protection/Guardian

Email us for instructions, to have a custom doll properly prepared for you. Once you receive your doll, you will be provided with further instructions. We prepare no dolls for revenge/death at our shops.

We DO not dress or decorate these items, they are simple dolls, prayed over at an altar and fixed on the inside with roots, herbs etc….You will complete the doll on your own in your own likeness…or your targets image.


Notice Required By Law….

Memphis Conjure or its representatives, do not guarantee any spiritual outcome or event with the use of any product sold.

All items are sold as curios only……

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in

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  1. barbara (verified owner)

    this does work and its real at first i throught it wasnt going to work for me it did everything it says it does really work love ms lisa work she is the real deal love her work i need to learn to to stuff like this i would be a bad woman but as long as i got ms lisa good health im good and blessed for the things she do and help me with thanks ms lisa

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