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The Legendary Voodoo Doll, or Poppet or Doll Baby! There are so many ways to use a voodoo doll, I can’t name them all.. Many find them useful for channeling energy and focusing attention/intention. Helpful to allow you to manifest your goals….The spiritual use of a voodoo doll is a standard. Care for it properly and focus carefully on its intent as this is a “Custom Made” item and must be done “right” the first time, we leave nothing to chance. You may have to send a hair or nail type of item if you wish to “attach the doll” , so be sure this is what you want… All Dolls are charged on Tuesday or Friday under a New Moon Only and shipped the day after.. The sooner you order, the quicker we can start your custom doll… Please Note! All Voodoo Dolls are not the same- This is a custom item.

This item is custom made for 4 conditions;


Email us for instructions, to have a custom doll properly prepared for you. Once you receive your doll, you will be provided with further instructions. We prepare no dolls for revenge/death at our workshops.


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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in


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