St. Joseph Candle & Job Seeker KIT!


St. Joseph Candle & Job Seeker KIT!


Spiritual Employment Candle?

This candle kit, will be lit in honor of St. Joseph the Workman.  St. Joseph is also the patron saint of working people. He is often invoked for assistance in getting a job. In particular, he is said to have a soft spot for parents, and/or other family members, working to support a family.

You will also get a prayer card with the image of St. Joseph.   St. Joseph, foster father of Jesus, is beloved in practically all forms of Christianity. The best known picture of the saint depicts of the upper half of St. Joseph’s torso holding the infant Jesus. However as “St. Joseph the Workman”, he is frequently depicted holding his emblem, the lily, and a carpenter’s square. He is also depicted holding the carpenter’s square and tools (hammer, chisel, etc.) or working in the wood-shop with tools as symbols of St. Joseph’s trade as a carpenter.

“Prayer Instructions, Blessed Bath Salts, your “FREE” St. Joseph medal, & a vial of our uncolored “Crown of Success Oil” is included with your order! “

Often the request will be written on a piece of brown paper and the edges lightly anointed with Crown of Success oil  and set under the candle holder or jar. The person should explain exactly what kind of job and what salary s/he needs, and why. Other items relating to the search (want ads, etc.) will also be set around or under the candle.

Use Crown of Success oil, an old hoodoo anointing oil, which can be applied in a number of ways. It can be rubbed onto a person’s hands and/or feet. It is added to bath water, mojo bags, lodestones, and candles. According to Judika Illes in The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells: The Ultimate Reference Book for the Magical Arts, “Crown of Success may be used to enhance any other employment charm or spell: it is an entirely benevolent formula.” (p. 176) put three drops of Crown of Success oil in the jar before lighting it.

You can recite the appropriate prayers, such as Prayer to St. Joseph the Workman and Prayer to St. Joseph for a Heavenly Crown. S/he will also finish by praying the Lord’s Prayer.

Alternatively, someone can recite the Novena to Saint Joseph daily for nine days. For safety reasons, lit candles should not be left burning unattended in one’s home.

St. Joseph’s Heavenly Crown can be a Heavenly Crown of Success.

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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 11 × 4 × 6 in

5 reviews for St. Joseph Candle & Job Seeker KIT!

  1. ThatBroadAngel (verified owner)

    This candle is amazing found work within 1 week of use!

  2. Hazelw84 (verified owner)

    OMG! I brought this maybe 3 weeks ago , wrote my petition down on a brown paper bag , tapped it under the candle …followed her other steps and I got a job offer /and hired on the spot ! I love miss Lisa and can’t thank her enough for the results 🙏!

  3. Deicy Suarez (verified owner)

    I bought the candle for my brother who had been unemployed for 6 months. 4 days after I lit the candle he was offered a temporary position, without applying to that job. Im so thankful and impressed with this candle. Looking forward to seeing miracles with my candles too.

  4. Ortecia Guity (verified owner)

    It works! The day after I took a bath with the bath salts, a recruiter offered me a job. After the candle burned I was hired and I now work for the company with great benefits and I work remote! It’s the perfect job for me right now.

  5. Kiea Hutty (verified owner)

    This candle is the truth!!! Burned it along with prayer and got the job!! Thank you Lisa!!

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