Shower & Body Washes


Shower & Body Washes


     2 New Scents!

Latest scents are “Blissful and Invigorating”- Scented with Melon, Berry and Ylang Ylang & More

We have 6 scents for you to choose from and enjoy. Try the Uplifting “Blessings in Abundance” w/ Citrus undertones to invigorate and start the day fresh, OR “Dream Casting” w/ Lavender and Chamomile after a long day to wind down and relax or try our “HOODOO LOVE SPELL” w/ Berries & Cream and Jasmine! & the “New Anti Anxiety” with Orange and Neroli, to help calm the nerves & help ease stress!   8 oz bottles, so there is plenty for the price….

  Creamy Thicker formula available during Fall & Winter Months ....

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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 3 in
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Blessings In Abundance, Hoodoo Love Spell, Dream Casting, Anti Anxiety, Blissful, Invigorating

8 reviews for Shower & Body Washes

  1. rhonda2019 (verified owner)

    Smells great and leaves your skin feeling so smooth and refreshed.

  2. Wnross (verified owner)

    Lathers good & smells divine. I will be ordering more. All of Ms. Lisa’s products are so well prepared. She puts so much love & intent into the process that the items are compelled to work. Thanks so much Lisa. Many Blessings.

  3. VENUS (verified owner)

    I chose Dreamcasting and it smells like a dream! lol, lathers well. I’ll be trying out the others as well. Thank you Ms. Lisa

  4. BGMagic (verified owner)

    Dreamcasting and Blissful are my favorites. They help relax my mind and body before I do my nightly meditations before bed.

  5. Rinami (verified owner)

    I’ve got this in “Blessings in Abundance” and I just always feel so clean and refreshed not only physically but also mentally/spiritually. I don’t know what’s in it but it smells so good, and doesn’t break me out either (as most other soaps tend to do). Definitely going to try out the others.

  6. Valorie Rice (verified owner)

    I ordered blessing in abundance it has a nice lather, it’s light and has a nice light scent. I use this body wash and apply shi shi oil after . Love the combination and the blessings they both bring.

  7. Isis Dawson (verified owner)

    Memphis Conjure has some of the best body washes. The natural ingredient with a light fresh scent is better than any soap bought from the store. It is real soap so a little can go a long way. 🧼
    I love blissful! This is a wonderful body wash for anyone facing depression, hardish, or saddness it helps open the road to look on the bright side. I like using this soap when I am feeling overwhelmed because it brings me back to a happy place.
    Blessing and abundance work as a body wash or even hand soap. The name is self-explanatory and it works. Any time I use this body wash its like I’m the luckiest person on the planet.

  8. 1Timothy (verified owner)

    The Blessings in Abundance body wash always bring me something good. I am either blessed with someone treating me out for some food, I receive unexpected work that provides with extra funds, or I literally receive money that I did not need to work for. I have used this when I went to my physical therapy session and the physical therapist actually provided me with the right treatment exercises and they were so helpful, unlike the other times where they did not provide me no such relief. I plan to use these body washes as hand soaps, to see more blessings and benefits in my life.

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