Road Opener Bath Crystals


Road Opener Bath Crystals


Ritual Bath Salt Packs- Road Opener with Abre Camino Herb…

Enough for 1 or 2  “Pre” or “Post” ritual baths.

Use 1/2 to one cup per bath.

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in

4 reviews for Road Opener Bath Crystals

  1. VENUS (verified owner)

    Very relaxing bath. I saw angel numbers constantly the following day. I do feel like it did as it states “opened my roads”. Thank you Lisa

  2. LaReinaDeEspadas (verified owner)

    This made me a magnet for blessings!!!

  3. Nina (verified owner)

    You have to try these bath crystals! Affordable, smells nice, and does what it says it does!

  4. hake24 (verified owner)

    These bath salts are powerful and move energy very quickly both in the internal and physical realm. I had a beautiful experience after my first bath with these and felt an incredible sense of oneness with the universe. It was euphoric. What a blessing!

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