Ombra™ Kit: Comprehensive Shadow Work & Healing System for Personal Growth


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Ombra™ Kit: Comprehensive Shadow Work & Healing System for Personal Growth


Discover the power of the Ombra™ Kit, a complete shadow work and healing system designed to support personal growth, self-discovery, and transformation.

Inspired by the Swahili word “ombra,” which means “shadow,” the kit masterfully combines traditional Hoodoo elements and contemporary self-care practices, guiding you on a journey of unveiling your hidden self.

Illuminate your inner self and embark on a transformative 7-day journey with the Ombra™ Kit.

The Ombra™ Kit includes:

  • Instruction & Guidance Booklet
  • Ombra™ Oil: A powerful conjure oil infused with herbs and essential oils traditionally used in Hoodoo and spiritual practices for healing and transformation.
  • 7-Day Fixed Ombra™ Candle: A specially designed candle to help you focus your mind and open your heart to the healing process.
  • Ombra™ Journal: A thoughtfully crafted journal with insightful prompts, providing a safe and nurturing space for self-exploration and shadow work. 
  • Ombra™ Obsidian Bracelet: A protective and grounding accessory that serves as a sacred reminder of the journey you’re on
  • Twine String: A versatile, traditional tool that can be used for binding or unbinding intentions, allowing you to physically manifest and connect with the spiritual changes taking place within you.
  • Ombra™ Purifying Bath Salt: A rejuvenating blend of bath salts infused with traditional Hoodoo herbs, designed to cleanse and purify your body and spirit in preparation for the transformative work ahead.
  • Starter Matches, Matchstick Paper (placed on bottom of candle), and Pencil!

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