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Magnetic Lodestones So many uses in hoodoo. Single large Lodestones are used to draw money or luck, while paired “male” and “female” Lodestones play a role in spells to attract a lover and rituals to secure mutual fidelity. The lodestones are sprinkled with magnetic sand (ultra-fine iron shot) to “feed” them and enhance their power, and they may also be dressed with anointing oil.
Smaller Lodestones of gravel size,are dressed with magnetic sand, are carried alone or in pairs in mojo bags to attract luck and love; tiny pairs are placed in bottles of Van Van Oil, Lodestone Oil or Fast Luck Oil to lend their attraction-energy the oils before they are used to dress offertory candles or anoint an individual.
Indicate Red,Gold or Natural Color

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Red, Gold, Natural


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