The Herb Of New Orleans. 

Indeed, not so long ago, Lemongrass had the reputation of being an enchanting herb capable of “expanding your horizons”. The Encyclopedia of Magical Plants mentions that Lemongrass will chase away snakes, enhance sexual satisfaction, deepen your psychic abilities and purify your home. Interesting isn’t it. Van Van Oil requires Lemongrass.

And you want to know how to harness Lemongrass’s magical properties. It’s quite simple:

– Plant a chump of Lemongrass at the edge of your property and you will chase the snakes away.

– Brew and drink a herbal tea made of dried lemongrass and you will improve your psychic abilities.

– Add the brewed tea to your bath water before having intimate contact with your loved partner and you will increase (both ?) sexual pleasure.

– Use the brewed tea in your cleaning solution when your kid reluctantly mops the floor and you will purify your home sweet home.

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