Le Petit Albert-English Version -Grimoire


Le Petit Albert-English Version -Grimoire


Petit Albert (English: Lesser Albert) is an 18th-century grimoire of natural and cabalistic magic.[2][3] The Petit Albert is possibly inspired by the writings of St. Albertus Magnus. Brought down to the smallest hamlets in the saddlebags of salesmen, it represents a phenomenal publishing success, despite its evil reputation — or because of it. It is associated with a second work, the Grand Albert (fr). It is a composite or heterogeneous work, and perhaps a bric-a-brac, collecting texts of unequal value written by (or attributed to) various authors; most of these authors are anonymous, but some are notable such as Cardano and Paracelsus. It’s a relatively old text, although the attribution to Albertus Magnus is dubious, particularly as it quotes from so many later sources.


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