L.W. De Laurence- The Great Book of Magical Art


L.W. De Laurence- The Great Book of Magical Art


This is a book for HIGH MAGIC, these spells must be accurate and precise, Not for the Newbie….The Great Book of Magical Art, Hindu Magic and East Indian Occultism, Now Combined with The Book of Secret Hindu, Ceremonial, and Talismanic Magic..This volume was written chiefly for the information of those who are guideless and indefatigable in their inquiries into True Occultism, Magical Art, and the “Spiritual Power” of the human soul. The author has, at a vast labor and expense, both of time and charges, collected whatsoever can be deemed valuable and rare, in regard to the subject of Hindu, Indian Occultism-the Cabala-Celestial and Ceremonial Magic-Alchemy and Spiritualism; and have divided it into two books, sub-divided into chapters. In this Volume will also be found a biographical account of those great men who were famous and are renowned for their knowledge; showing upon whose authority this Science of Art Magic is founded, and upon what principles to which was annexed a great variety of notes.


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