Hoping to Beat the Odds??

Per Special Request-

We have a new candle highly requested by many….


This candle has been cleansed properly with herbs added as well as our own special oils….Diligently prayed over and sent with a prayer attached… We do recommend Psalms 4,5,57 & 108 while using this candle with your tickets underneath and a heartfelt petition…. Good Luck, we wish you all the best….

Order yours today. Fast shipping.
Sold as a curio.
We make NO guarantee of any magical outcomes.
Do NOT Ingest.

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 11 × 6 × 4 in

3 reviews for JACKPOT CANDLE

  1. Yuritizia Rosas (verified owner)

    I recently got this candle! It’s awesome and, definitely works!

  2. Cashew Nut (verified owner)

    This candle smells really nice. It has a citrus kind of smell that I can’t place. I am not a huge gambler, but I feel like trying my luck as of late. I think I should have bought two of these candles because this one burned fast – in four days. The top half and a little more burned really black and the bottom half burned clear. So I think it removed some negativity surrounding this particular goal in my life.

  3. Mary D (verified owner)

    The jackpot candle works amazing ! Used it to get the pay I desired while using manifest oil , Moses oil with wealthy way and double fast 😬

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