Goddess Candle “Black’


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Goddess Candle “Black’


 The Goddess in “Black” Di Omni – Self Beauty Intentions.  

You are so Beautiful! Its time to align the inner and outer beauty you possess…

Perfect for “Glamour Workings” or confidence building techniques….to help you realize just how incredible you are and that you are wonderfully made.  When your outer reflects our inner self, we reach another level of true perfection and it manifests itself in unconscious ways all around you… Don’t be surprised if others notice your change, as it will reflect in many subtle ways…

Trimmed in black rhinestones with the image of a gorgeous goddess in Black Makeup-

This candle is one in our newest series of candles designed for awareness of

Self Beauty, Self Acceptance and Self Achievement…

This candle is fixed with herbs pleasing to the universe for you to self-meditate, journal or ritual work  to realize your inner beauty….

We can be so beautiful inside and out, sometimes we need to take time to realize it…..



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