“Bring In Blessings” Floor Sweep-Old Fashioned


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“Bring In Blessings” Floor Sweep-Old Fashioned


Old fashioned floor sweeps were used back in the day.. My grandparents, and mom would sweep all the time using mixed powders and herbs and rice..

The broom is a symbol for cleansing and mixed herbs were sprinkled about the house to remove negativity, bad luck & hexes, but esp. after an unwelcome guest came by… The herbs and roots can be used to cleanse your home or altar area..

Just sprinkle some on the floor and leave for a bit, sweep it all into ONE pile focusing on your intent… Some say throw out the front door, some say the back… some say to the east, some say to the west,,, OMG, just put it in the trash… You are done..

Remove the negativity or tension in the house and recharge the house for blessings with our hand mixed floor sweep…

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