Chicken Feet Red Or Black


Chicken Feet Red Or Black


We embellish these items on our own or you may decorate them as you wish…..No Two ever Alike…







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5 reviews for Chicken Feet Red Or Black

  1. Bridgette Brown (verified owner)

    THIs has kept that bad lady who walks her dog , causing trouble and doesn’t even live in my neighborhood . I haven’t seen her since I put the red one up.

  2. mistamista90 (verified owner)

    This exposed an enemy to me, did not realize it a first, thought it worked against me, but it really worked with me. Thanks.

  3. Teeauna Woods (verified owner)

    We had a very negative, disrespectful, arrogant.. selfish.. inconsiderate… young relative that had just came home from being in the military… He filled the house up with so much tension because everyone pretty much kept their mouths closed just waiting for the day he found his own place and moved out… Well I couldn’t hold my tongue, he and I had some words.. I saw the reviews and invested in the black feet.. This family member MOVED OUT!! And moved out of state the day after I received my black feet in the mail!!! I can’t make this up!!!! Now I carry it everywhere with me!! Powerful

  4. Trudy (verified owner)

    Thank you! I carry this with me. I feel very protected with this purchase.

    • memphisconjure

      Thank you so much and Enjoy your Holiday…Lisakay

  5. barbara (verified owner)

    just got both colors yesterday love them I felt the energy I will be ordering some more thanks ms Lisa

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