Better Business Oil


Better Business Oil



“Better Business”

Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or just starting out, this oil can help your business in many ways.

A blend of shredded cash, cinquefoil, bay, hyssop, cinnamon, and holy basil, these herbs are used for protection, dispelling negative energy, manifestation, and prosperity, all of which can be of use for any business.

Use to anoint business candles, petitions, mojo bags, money, or even coins for your wallet to carry. We recommend you use your oil to anoint seals such as:

The Fourth Pentacle of Jupiter
or any pentacles for attracting wealth and honor of your preference.

This oil is made on a specific date and uses Psalm 112 as a prayer in invocation of seal, but also Psalm 113, and there is a sacred chant associated with the invocation of this seal, its angels and spirits: Hallelu Yah, Hallelu Yah, Yah Ha, Ya Ha, Hallelu Yah, Hallelu Yah, Ya Ha, Ya Ha

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Sold as a curio.

We make NO guarantee of any magical outcomes.

Do NOT ingest.

Additional information

Weight .5 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in

2 reviews for Better Business Oil

  1. aqq (verified owner)

    it works! i will def repurchase it once i use up my current one

  2. Nicole Long (verified owner)

    I like this oil. I keep it on my desk and use it to anoint my computer, tools, and hands as I work on my business. It smells and feels lovely and warm, and I enjoy seeing the blue glitter sparkle.

    I recently used it to dress my travel suitcase for an event, and got four sales; one customer bought three items surprisingly — which is my biggest in-person sale to date! I look forward to continuing working with this lovely oil.

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