Authentic “LUCKY HAND” Bag (Gamblers Hand)


Authentic “LUCKY HAND” Bag (Gamblers Hand)



restock date DECEMBER,15…..

There is plenty of misconception about the “LUCKY HAND” Bag. It has a lot of history!

Our LUCKY HAND bag contains the historical &  “traditional” hoodoo items and roots used and is properly prayed over…..

Many consider it a mojo bag, but that’s “not” what it is.. It is a blessed bag carried by those who play games of chance. Cards, Lotto, Races and even the casino…. Memphis has a very, very long history of “Riverboat Gambling” and secret policy players and a betting race track.. This lucky hand was carried by the gentlemen (gentry) who gambled and believed in its power ….Workers on Beale Street handmade these items for clients…

With origins from Africa and Indian natives, these bags were considered a staple and no gambler would dare venture out without it….I have procured Lucky Hand roots, from Greece (expensive item), High John Root (expensive item) and LOW JOHN ROOTS,MOJO BEANS AND MORE & authentic “turn of the century” Indianhead pennies to put in these bags which are passed thru the smoke and prayed over…   I have seen many winners and a few greedy losers (usually win, but play so long they lost it all back)…..Used the right way and kept close by, this “LUCKY HAND” can be a helper for those who enjoy games of chance… Order yours today!  Comes with all ingredients & of course it comes with our “special” HIGH JOHN the Conqueror Oil…( No Dice included, tradition requires you to buy and blow on your own dice)



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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in

3 reviews for Authentic “LUCKY HAND” Bag (Gamblers Hand)

  1. Christy (verified owner)

    The energy of this and everything I receive from Memphis conjure is powerful. Nothing compares to original and traditional.

  2. barbara (verified owner)

    just got another one friday and the energy is so strong and powerful works good i love everything ms lisa have

    • memphisconjure

      Thanks so much Barbara, we appreciate your business..

  3. Reese (verified owner)

    Memphis Conjure’s items are the real deal, and pack a strong punch!
    I purchased this bag for a relative of mine. The relative went to a casino, and the first time they took it with them, they won $900- playing Poker. Later, that same night, they went to a gas station, purchased a $30 scratcher lottery ticket, and won $200! My relative was blown away, and attributed their winnings directly to their Memphis Conjure Lucky Mojo bag!

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