7 Knob Spell Candles & PINS


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7 Knob Spell Candles & PINS


Seven 7 Day Knob Candles

The 7 day Knob candle used in Hoodoo and Voodoo is considered one of the oldest forms of candle use in the traditions. Many petitioners “unfortunately” use the candles in a way that is considered NEW AGE/Wiccan and not according to some of the traditions of hoodoo or Voodoo.

Traditionally Knob Candles used stick pins back in the old days and today petitioners are told to do it the lazy way, write the names on the candles or poke a hole in each knob. REALLY? My family used stick pins in each knob and we were taught to burn the candle at the same time each day and which oil to use and how to apply the oil along with the appropriate prayer or psalm… Why write the name on the candle if the petition paper already has it? See what I’m saying? Not sure who promotes these psuedo-hoodoo ritual and spells, but we have a pretty good idea.
If your use of knob candles has gone no where, we have a good idea why! If you want to try a knob candle spell done the “TRADITIONAL” way, let me know!  I will send the dressed candle, the oil, the pins and the prayers. Time to do things the right way & not the “made up as we go along way”..

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Red Knob-LOVE Matters
Green Knob-Money-Luck-Job-
Black Knob-Return Evil Intentions- Un-Hexing-Uncross
White Knob-Protection
Blue Knob-Prosperity
Pink Knob-Come To Me
Purple Knob- Gay Love Matters

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Red, Green, Yellow, Purple, Blue, Pink, White, Black


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