Tarot Readings By Lauren Harrell


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I am an intuitive Tarot and Oracle Reader that has several years of experience as a Reader. I offer in-depth readings that offer guidance and direction to those who seek the truth of their being, and to those who are ready to accept responsibility for where they are in life.

Lauren is a constant student of this ancient discipline. She spends a considerable amount of time researching and deepening her existing knowledge. She is a spiritual catalyst that has attained a high level of spiritual authority, awareness, and knowledge that enables her to give guidance to others. As a catalyst she believes that if a person becomes the conscious creator of their own life, that their life will inevitably become a living enlightenment, allowing that person to live in a continuous state of internal peace and joy.

Tarot is a self-help tool, for transformation to manifest your Best Life! Your journey to Happiness and well-being is within!

Specializes in Love and Relationships, Grief and Healing, Shadow work, and Pendulum Readings.

Libra-Sun ~ Sagittarius-Moon

Libra Stellium~Sagittarius Stellium

Life Path number Seven

Much Love

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