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Pomba Gira

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Pomba Gira is the name of an Afro-Brazilian spirit evoked by practitioners of Umbanda and Quimbanda in Brazil.
Pomba Gira is the consort of Exu (The messenger of the Orixas in Candomblé), who represents male sexuality, fertility, and strength; while she personifies female sexuality, beauty, and desire.
She is often invoked by those who seek aid in matters of the heart and love.[4] 
Pomba Gira is associated with the number seven, crossroads, graveyards, spirit possession, and witchcraft. She is depicted as a beautifully insatiable woman who is venerated with great respect and care thanks to her reputation for possessing great wrath.
Pomba Gira is noted for her connection with both transgender women and effeminate male worshippers, and is reputed to possess both. Some representations of Pomba Gira display the characteristics of being promiscuous, talkative and vulgar, however she has many avatars, and will be more or less inclined towards that behavior depending on how she manifests herself.


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