Love Matters

💖 Hoodoo Hearts: Attracting Love & Romance 🕯️

If you’re on a quest to find or enhance love in your life, these Hoodoo tips are here to ignite the flames of passion and bring love into your heart.

Pink Candle Love
Light a pink candle, the color of love and romance. Carve your initials, or those of your desired partner, onto the candle. Anoint it with Love-Drawing oil and as it burns, visualize love blossoming in your life.

The Power of Adam & Eve Roots
Adam and Eve roots are a symbol of love and unity. Place these roots on your love altar, one on each side, and ask for a harmonious and loving relationship with your partner or future partner.

Red Rose Love Bath
Take a love bath with red rose petals. Add them to your bathwater, and as you soak, visualize love surrounding you like a warm, protective embrace.

Releasing Past Heartbreak
Before welcoming new love, release old heartbreak. Write down your past hurts on a piece of paper and burn it as a symbol of letting go, freeing your heart for new love.

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