Thanks for visiting Memphis Conjure. Authentic Delta Style Hoodoo Products , all made by hand. Ritually charged oils, powders & all things hoodoo. Bath Salts, Spells & More! – No Murky or Contaminated Oils/Potions sold EVER!.. =Properly made under the right conditions..
Our products are crafted according to my hoodoo tradition & style,  taught to me by my grand-mother & mom.  Our family has practiced conjure/spiritual work & root work for over 108 years.  My great-grand mom, grandmother and mother were root workers.  My grandmother actually worked on Beale Street during the 40’s as a root worker & spiritual advisor.. We are proud to share our traditions with you.  All doll babies, mojo/nation sacks & bags, oils, powders, honey jars and more are properly prepared according to correspondences….

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Memphis Conjure Supply