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Most Popular Questions..

How TO Use the Condition Oils?

Most spiritual oils are used to anoint your tools used during ritual or at the altar..

Such as your candles, petitions, mojo bags or your tools and burners etc….

Many users apply the oil to the hands and forehead while in ritual, prayer or meditation while setting the intention.

Perfume or scented intention oils are to be worn for the intention or to anoint the body, hands before your event or situation occurs, such as a job interview or meeting……

How to use the Candles?

Always light your candle in a safe space and be sure to watch that the wick does not drown in melted wax…..

Your candles from Memphis Conjure will always come dressed according to Delta Hoodoo and may or may not have specific prayers or instructions accompany them..

Disposal of Items..

There are many ways to dispose of your used ritual items..

Crossroads or by the lake or buried etc are just a few ways… Most of the time simply thanking your candles and tools and wrapping in brown paper and tossing it is enough…

Always thank the Universe for hearing and receiving your petitions and requests for favor and assistance.


Our Bath Salts are made with; Epsom salts, sea salt and sometimes Himalayan salt. Each variety has essential oil fragrance drops added to provide you with a relaxing experience. When using our bath crystals, use a soothing candle and allow yourself to

relax and practice your visualization.  Use these moments to chart the steps needed to accomplish a goal.

Each bath crystal blend has a purpose and the essential oil that we add will be according to the Doctrine of Signatures or common practice based on our tradition.

For Example  ” Rose petals, rose buds, hibiscus for love/attracting things to you.. “Ours usually contains hyssop and cinquefoil”

About our Sachet Powders:  Our sachet powders are generally not heavily scented because they may be detected,

 Its already challenging to use them because of the powdery nature,

so no need to scent them in our opinion.

They are a mixture of various roots and herbs ground into  fine powder using cornstarch or rice powder, all are blended and charged

for the desired intent.. The optimal way to use the sachet powders, would

be to sprinkle it in areas to be charged or affected.. You may use it in your

purse, dresser, folded in paper money. Some practitioners use the powder

on the floor and sweep it under rugs secretly, inside of windows or at doorways and paths.  Use anywhere you wish in a discreet manner. Only a small

amount is required.

About our Condition Oils:

Condition oils take time, but we make the easy ones in large batches first, by first

drying the roots or herbs, which are then added to vinegar or vodka or a

base of almond oil, apricot kernel or grapeseed oil.  A measured unit of Vitamin E is added to preserve the oil base initially to

keep the oil fresh for up to a year or more.

Some oils require the use of Castor or Mineral oil according to the old

formulary that we use.

For example; Many people are unaware that some practitioners make Black Cat Oil for a dual purpose with different oils. If made with Almond Oil it is used for Luck, but if made with Castor oil it is used to remove hexes and for sending back

evil intentions.


Most of our oils are altar use oils and “not really perfumes” with the exception of a few such as Jezebel and Cleo May Oil & Angel…

We add pleasant fragrances to some oils because it exponentially magnifies the original intention. Condition oils are not hard to make but to get the correct balance requires time and a sensitive nose..I am adept at odors and each batch has to be just

right. Some of our oils take at least 2 months to produce,

so any oil that you order from us

was probably produced 1 month or less prior to release. Mineral Oil is never used in our oils as it is a petroleum or gas derivative chemical..

 Our popular “Queen Bee” oil requires 2-6 months to make.

The flower petals that we use are yellow calendula or honeysuckle petals or bee balm varieties such as Coneflower, Rudbeckia laciniata var. humilis… and other bee loving flowers..

A pheromone is added to this oil that tends to make the user feel more

confident and self aware;

it is not meant to make people fear you but if you use it, they may be unaware of why they are drawn to you,

they can’t put their finger on what they perceive as an aura about you.

Please be advised that we don’t want anyone to fear you, just acknowledge you. I personally use it and get better service so I know its power, just be aware that you may exhibit an aura some may be intimidated by.

Confident men or women don’t mind the pheromone, but weaker or petty people will be unaware of

why they may feel inferior around you, and may lash out in negative ways. Don t let their mental weakness deter you.

It is the burden of being a Queen. (wink)

Some of our oils are made according to the moon and sun

locations (astrologically) or correspondences.

This is not a traditional way per se to make the oils but later

incorporated within the last 50-60 yrs or so to add more power to the oils.

I am convinced that my ancestors had no idea when the moon was in

Cancer etc, but since we are now aware of such things,

I believe it makes the oils much more powerful & have found no objections from any elders.

For example I was taught that in August when the Sun is in Leo,

the sunflower seeds that are harvested are considered more

flavorful and fruitful and the leaves, petals and roots or stalk used in any spell or oil related to strength or power like

 Leo, the Lion are more productive and effective.

Any of the roots, herbs, barks we grow or blend,

we always respectfully explain to the plant its intended purpose, its our

way of asking for its permission respectfully.

Every oil can be used to anoint your altar & items and dress mojos or

sprinkle about your target locations. Some oils, according to some traditions require a specific candle, colors or dates…

“Try not to let that rule distract you”, as old style hoodoo usually never really paid attention to days of the week or colors;  or the shapes of candles, because figure candles where not produced long

ago nor where any of the items

 commonly used now available to root workers.  SO, if someone tells you a red genital candle is “Ask why to your satisfaction!

 No red genital candles existed in my granny’s day nor did many of the

shaped candles. They would be considered highly

offensive to my granny and her church members.. So do what feels right to you, instead of what someone else tells you.. Listen to your inner voice, it has a habit of discerning the truth for us more than we would like to admit.

Here are some of our most popular oils and the intended purpose. I can only include how I have used the oil as a root worker, your way may be a bit


Crown Of Success Oil– master control command hoodoo protection blue job interview peace “Crown of Success Oil! The Hoodoo Version of an old Favorite! Our Newest Addition!  Use this oil in your ritual work for success in all endeavors.

This oil can be used to feed mojos, / gris gris and dress your candles for that “”EXTRA””  power! Subtle hints of Wild Blueberry/Bay/Rum & Vetivert-& traditional Orris Root, Protective and associated w/ treachery and deception.  It does not return the treachery, just keeps it from reaching you.  What could be better? Traditional ingredients includes hints of sandalwood and the traditional glitter- We include pyrite chunks & bay leaves in our base formula…

Queen Bee Oil– Hoodoo oil “Queen Bee Oil! This is the oil “”YOU”” have been waiting for!


At work or at play, it is always fun to be the Queen!  Time to take charge ladies…Use this oil during your altar workings & rituals..

One of the GOTO condition oils you should “”NEVER”” be without.  Queen Bee Oil is for the woman who wishes to dominate and alert competition.  It attracts, helps you to

 control a situation, and acts as a scent and vibrational marker of your territory.  Let others know “”YOU”” run the show.. Another “”OLD”” formula for the “”NEW”” you!

 My Queen Bee Oil has 9 ingredients and made in a base of Grape Seed Oil with Vitamin E added.

Moses Oil- Secret “PSALM OIL”- Hoodoo voodoo magic blend “Moses Oil- The Holy Grail of Oils in my book… The most underrated/secret oil in Hoodoo/Root work – My grandmother swore by it. “”Impossible situations””, just like Moses..””Better communication””, just like Moses & “”Superior Outcomes”” just like Moses!  It is the equivalent of Holy Oil to many and there is a secret Psalm according to my granny on how to “ACTIVATE THIS OIL”!

Our MOSES OIL formula can be traced to 1955-(Bernice Harris- Strickland) My grandmother.

 I will send the “”secret”” psalm to you when you order..attached to your bottle. You heard it here first and only here,  as it is in her bible I inherited, This secret psalm originated at Memphis Conjure…

Used to dress candles, anoint the whole body, and sprinkle on amulets and conjure hands. Prepared oh so carefully.   Again, this oil is the “”Holy Grail”” of Oils according to how I was taught by my granny. Has hints of Myrrh and Frankincense. and Hyssop is added.

French Creole Oil Philtre- Dreams Hoodoo Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau “A Marie Laveau Classic.

French Creole Oil is a multi-purpose oil, very popular with hose who believe in its powers to make one’s dreams come true. Also, used as an attracting agent, favored by many who use it to draw lovers and good fortune.  Use this on your altar and anoint candles and wear as a subtle scent when working on your personal goals.. Old fashioned scent, but just as subtle to charm a man as its always been. Our oil contains, an iris scent from Louisiana, and Lotus and that’s all I can say for now.

Come To Me Oil hoodoo voodoo pagan Come To Me Oil- A traditional oil for general love spells.  A very powerful attraction recipe used for when you desire the affections of someone in particular.To stir strong sensual responses. “Use Carefully is our only warning!”. This oil has an old history and the sourced ingredients are chosen at the right hour on the right day & are for compelling a person to do your bidding..or  “”COME TO ME””…It is extremely faint but blooms on some people…

Blended @ the right time under optimal conditions & of course ritually charged with the right intent.

You have been warned…Has many formulas, primarily from NEW AGE practitioners..



Rose otto-trace

Our secret middle note-cant reveal

Bottom note- Cant reveal

Considered an extremely intoxicating blend’

We have witnessed the smell change hourly on some users, again it seems to bloom on some users.(we don’t know why)

A very powerful seductive blend said to force a person to desire you sexually and he will never know why…

Some have said to have placed this blend on a mans clothes and on his under shirts and he thinks of his intended all day.

Be careful,

Black Cat Oil

Hoodoo Voodoo Oil,  Magic Lucky Mojo “A required oil for your altar! Black Cat oil is a traditional Hoodoo/Voodoo oil with many uses.  It should be in your magical cabinet because it is good for power, protection during intense work and protection in general, stealth, luck, unhexing,

hexing, attraction and maybe love.Traditionally this oil is used to break hexes and other negative conditions, as well as protection.

It can be sprinkled at entrances to the home to reverse and remove malign influences, and it is used to attract money as well by anointing cash registers and doors of businesses, slot machines, lottery tickets, tip jars, your wallet, coins, purse, or cash book of you are a server. If you have a jar to keep change in it will fill up quickly. We have actually put black cat hairs in our formula…as required.

Fast Luck Oil

Hoodoo Oil Lucky “Fast Luck Oil- A Standard Blend in Hoodoo/Root work.

Can be used for “”SO MANY”” conditions relating to money, business, gambling & luck in general….

Properly prepared with intent according to our Hoodoo tradition. All roots and herbs are our special blend.

You can apply this to your mojo bags, doll babies, and even candles or anything you need to charge with Fast Luck..

Confusion Oil….Used for those times when you need a helping hand.   Hoodoo Confusion Oil is a standard for use to bind, stop & confuse your enemies and others who mean to harm you..

It can be used on your altar, on a special mojo or doll baby.. Anoint the candles during a binding spell and release the magic in the blend..

Our blend is special, it is a very old, handed down blend.

Mastery Oil

Command control hoodoo “Master Oil … This oil has many uses and many names.  Some may call it Controlling, Commanding, we simply call it Master Oil….. It is meant to do just that…. Master a situation, Control a situation and Command anything….Made with herbs and roots and Almond oil & Olive oil , this formula is probably all you will need to replace repetitive blends…..

Use on your altar, for cleanses, for charging your mojos and trick bags etc……Master Oil cuts through the chase,

it has been properly prepared and ritually blessed.

Van Van Oil-

Anointing voodoo hoodoo conjure “Van Van Oil- One of the most important oils in the tradition of Hoodoo/Voodoo-

So many uses, often prepared and used incorrectly.. We prepare our Van Van Oil the right way with the right ingredients always!  Can be used for; everything…Lemongrass, gingergrass, American ginger & more & Vervain =VAN VAN

Love – Love Drawing Oil-

Formula #1 Potion magic romance “The Most Powerful “”Love Oil”” I make. My clients deserve the BEST oil, period. A client performed a horary experiment on the blend and said it was the most powerful result he has ever seen.. Link Here—->Click Here to Read

Sourced and prepared under optimal conditions, this red oil is one of my favorites..

 I also make a clear one, but this is the most requested…This oil is subtle and complicated at the same time.. Made from a formula I have used for 25 years……

Some notes are recognizable, others not so much.. I have used this oil for serious love spells on my altar as my go to oil..

Contains the proper roots and petals and made with Almond Oil & Vitamin E base & High Grade Essence Oils.. Please use

sparingly. This oil takes at least a month to make…because of the harvest date of the roots/flowers required, it must be “”just”” right.

Ritually charged and blessed for the intention of Love… Please anoint “”ALL”” items during the Love Spell…

Tidbit- ”Be careful what you wish for””

Fixed Candles

Our candles are fixed and dressed ( oil and herbs added & blessed) according to the intent or purpose.. They will stay on our altar for at least 24 hours for our altar call & blessing and will be shipped to you…

You may bless your candle according to your tradition when it arrives..Some people use feathers, incense, fire and other methods, no method is wrong, the intent of the candle is the main concern.

Stay with your candle for the first hour to make sure it burns evenly. You may add additional drops of altar oil and a pinch of herbs daily if you wish.. Make sure your wick is NOT too tall, as it will make a candle burn too fast and smoke…

Keep it low and pour off the excess wax… IF you have to leave your candle,

 PINCH the flame, do not blow it out, but be sure to resume at the same time the next day if possible.

Notes; Please be mindful that many young new practitioners are caught up in the blended nuances of wicca, and pagan redes and those BOOKS of SHADOWS

 & somehow think they apply to hoodoo.  This is not hoodoo, they promote the creation of a new EURO way of doing things.

 I only know how I was taught, by someone who was taught the simpler way.  No 1,000 page library books, no altar robes, no athames,  or pointy hats etc, none of the new age paraphernalia is “used” in hoodoo, just nice to have and if it helps, I’m all for it..  No ancestor of mine had access to the many items commonly used or believed to be required..

The simple way is the most natural way of honoring our ancestors I know of, I don’t need “decor” to do hoodoo, but do what makes “you” most comfortable.  No memorized mantras, nothing but my heart, my respect of those who painfully endured before me, and my ancient african bible on my altar.

So if you seek to learn hoodoo, please do not allow anyone to tell you what “MUST” be done or

 “BOUGHT AT A HIGH PRICE” and that there is “only” one way.

 There are many styles of hoodoo;However is it African Based regardless of definition…

Delta  hoodoo, Gulla Style, Haints are for European descendants as they may practice Granny Magic or mountain magic and Appalachian and Pennsylvania Dutch style and even Arkansas… however its not considered African Based HOODOO, just a magical path from their ancestors. There is also the original Voodoo-based styles. They are all different, yet the result is intended to be the same. So don’t get caught up in the how, until you know the why.  If you will notice, our prices are honesty  prices, not prices meant to take advantage of anyone’s lack of knowledge,

but to allow you the opportunity to learn as you go, by purchasing products that you feel most comfortable using…

And PLEASE, focus on your intentions when you purchase and if you need help, let us know.. ..

 Also, hoodoo is not for lazy people, (you know who they are) those who sit and wait but don’t do anything to help themselves;

 nothing will ever move forward..(No Pain No Gain and NOTHING IS FREE!

Don’t be that person, stay in prayer and get your altar in order, its the focal point of your manifestations

 and practice makes perfect..

I am wishing you all the best on your spiritual journey!  You will be amazed at the inner power you already possess.

 Embrace Your Special Journey!


Memphis Conjure Supply