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A “Real Hoodoo Altar” – You Would Never Know!
I remember the days when my granny and Mom and aunts were always setting lights and in constant prayer. Nothing unusual for a Baptist Family who loves the Lord, right ? No of course not, but if you practice “Hoodoo” how would anyone know by the looks of your altar? It’s simple , there is no “LOOK” for a delta Hoodoo altar.. Lots of people have INSISTED that an altar MUST have, i.e, bones, fruits and rum and flowers etc… This is absolute nonsense to insist these items are on your altar.. My ancestors didn’t have wands and pretty fabrics and crystals , all they had were probably an old candle and the Bible ! Now, if it makes you feel better and helps you visualize better, cool, have at it… But I can assure you nothing other than a bible is required for authentic delta style Hoodoo! Be blessed..

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